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Impact Printers – Kitchen

Epson or Bixolon impact printers simply last longer in your kitchen …

EPSON impact printers still set the standard for other brands to copy. Most still use a generic Epson emulation, but do not match the robustness of EPSON construction.

The generic copies generally fail in the feed and hatch mechanisms and cutter assemblies. My experience is that while EPSON printers cost more, they out-last any other brand in the marketplace . . .

BIXOLON SRP-275 impact printer small

BIXOLON SRP275 impact



BIXOLON kitchen printers are also an exceptionally good impact printer.

POSMAN has proven this over the years in heavy duty environments, whereby the BIXOLON impact printers have matched EPSON for longevity in kitchen printing.

BIXOLON printers are a lower cost alternative to EPSON printers.


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    Impact Printers - Kitchen
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