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Welcome to POSMAN LIMITED . . .  For Nelson, Blenheim in Marlborough and West Coast, we supply POS with EFTPOS solutions and support to local businesses and also nationwide. Our POS background with over 20 years experience in Point of Sale POS and EFTPOS systems , through to our current computer operating environments, provides you with experience second to none . . . Our previous company Networkz ( sold in 2008) was a leading Point of Sale POS company. Specializing for over 20 years for computer based POS, CASIO Cash registers and EFTPOS systems, POSMAN provides expert well designed POS solutions to Top South businesses and nationwide in NZ. Owner Steve Badham, previously worked in Point of Sale in Northland, again with CASIO cash registers, DOS and windows point of sale, and installing EFTPOS. So POSMAN can truly be called an expert in the POS or point of sale industry. . .    

POSMAN supplies quality POS hardware and software, or full turnkey systems for all business types. We supply pos hardware and POS consumables at a competitive market price, also providing for leading pos system design, installation, training and support for your business ... POSMAN understand many industry types, and you can be confident that your system will be correctly specified, and your system setup accurate and comprehensive. We use Idealpos software by Ideal pos as our main system approach.  For retail though particularly clothing and footwear industries POSMAN can also recommend Counter Intelligence by Kudos. Only quality hardware is specified, from EPSON Thermal and Impact printers, to SYMBOL or Honeywell barcode scanners. We beleive in choosing premium hardware products for reasons of durability, life expectancy and uptime, backed up  the best Return to Supplier warranties.

POSMAN provides a integrated approach to designing . . .  and installing your new Point of Sale system. Every aspect of  POS  is considered, including your EFTPOS needs, to ensure you have the most robust and yet affordable solution available. POSMAN  is an EFTPOS expert . . . with a background of 25 years in this industry. Our company is aware of all the solutions, and will ensure a correct solution, whether it be fully integrated, interfaced or a simply a standalone EFTPOS machine. Correct specification through expert knowledge . . ensures all elements of your new system are designed to last. All equipment is provided with the best warranties available in the market, and where failure does occur, then replacement equipment is quickly installed to ensure your business continuity. Backed up by our excellent suppliers of both Hardware and Software systems.

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